Free Ultrasound in Sacramento

Free Ultrasound SacramentoFree Ultrasound in Sacramento from Alternatives Pregnancy Center

At APC, we provide free ultrasounds to any expecting mother. An ultrasound is a very simple and painless procedure. With a free ultrasound we can determine approximately how long you have been pregnant, whether your pregnancy is safely located in your uterus, and various health indicators of your baby.

In more detail, an ultrasound uses sound to show pictures of your baby to you and the ultrasound technician. We spread a clear jelly on your stomach, and then use a special ultrasound microphone to “listen” to your pregnancy. Unlike an X-ray, the microphone does not use any radiation, which makes it completely safe for both you and your baby. The ultrasound device bounces sound waves off your uterus, and those sound waves are then turned into a clear picture for you to see.

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If you have questions or would like to talk to one of our friendly staff about setting an appointment for your free ultrasound, please call us or email us.